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Bring your sales, revenue, marketing, and subscription data all under one roof.

At the core of our business tech stack lies saas•hapily, an indispensable tool that evolved from a simple solution for integrating Stripe subscription data with HubSpot to a robust application embraced by a global community of software enterprises.

We're not just the brains behind it; we're its most enthusiastic advocates. Yeah, it's a bit meta.

Revenue Right Where You Need to Close the Financial Gap

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Importing Stripe Historical Data 

Tap into the goldmine of data stored in your current Stripe accounts by linking it with your HubSpot account. Right after setup, we ensure a comprehensive backfill of your Stripe history, empowering you to unlock and visualize its value from the very first day.


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Supercharge Your Contact Records

Access comprehensive details on every subscription, transaction, upgrade, and downgrade, along with current MRR, all readily available within the CRM's Contact view. Each interaction is recorded on a timeline, offering your team invaluable historical context.


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See Your Data in Hubspot Instantly

Leveraging the power of webhooks, HubSpot integrates with Stripe to bring you immediate access to subscription data. This integration ensures your reports are refreshed swiftly, your sales teams receive updates in real time, and automations kick in exactly when needed.


Simplify Your Entire Account and Subscription Management Experience


Empower account managers to truly manage accounts

The era of customer success roles being synonymous with "I'll speak with the team and get back to you" is over. saas•hapily revolutionizes the game by integrating custom quotes for upsells, subscription adjustments, upgrades, refunds, and yes, even cancellations, directly within HubSpot.

Stripe functionality directly in the CRM

On every contact record is a powerhouse CRM card that lets reps take control of their clients products. What used to require a back and forth between finance and product teams now is a simple click and a smile. 

See upgrades and downgrades like never before

Not even in Stripe can you see the full client lifecycle like saas•hapily offers. We create a "Delta Object" for every upgrade and downgrade for a given subscription. This means you can see exactly when these account changes happen to fully understand the lifecycle of the account.

Automate Your Most Important Tasks

Segment and List Building

Target your audience based on their purchase behavior. Add them to lists, segments, or opt them out of future prospecting campaigns.



Kickoffs Done Right

Rotate Deal owners based on subscriptions. Easily alert the onboarding team and leverage timeline events to fully detail the relationship.





Account Status Alerts

Get emails, texts, or in-HubSpot notifications when accounts go past due or payments fail. Manually create Stripe transactions, payment links and refunds.




E-commerce-Style Communication

Send delightful emails to customers after a purchase or payment. Reward your VIP customers with exclusive upsell offers and remember anniversaries.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does saas•hapily allow me to update subscriptions from within HubSpot?

Yes! You can add any necessary changes to a subscription on a contact record’s saas•hapily CRM card.

Does saas•hapily show upgraded/downgraded subscriptions?

Yes! Whenever an upgrade/downgrade is made on a subscription, saas•hapily updates the original subscription record in HubSpot. It also creates a new subscription record to reflect the change to the subscription. 

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Is saas•hapily available outside of the U.S.?

Yes! saas•hapily is available internationally. It even includes a multicurrency feature so you can manage payments from around the world.

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Does saas•hapily allow you to map existing Stripe products to your HubSpot instance?

Yes! Part of the saas•hapily setup process includes mapping Stripe products to HubSpot Products.

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Does saas•hapily sync historical transactions and subscriptions?

Yes! saas•hapily all historical transaction and subscription data on your Stripe account and carries it over to your HubSpot. HubSpot Commerce will actually only sync data that was created in HubSpot. Any data created after the initial sync will be brought over as well.

Does saas•hapily allow you to sync multiple Stripe accounts?

Yes! saas•hapily allows you to sync as many Stripe accounts to HubSpot as you need!

Does saas•hapily let you create Stripe invoices from within HubSpot?

Yes! saas•hapily’s CRM card lets you create both payment links and invoices directly from HubSpot. 

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Does saas•hapily allow you to associate subscriptions and transactions to other objects in the CRM?

Yes! Because saas•hapily brings subscriptions and transactions to HubSpot as object records, you can associate them to as many records as you like.

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Does saas•hapily allow you to add custom properties to transaction and subscription objects?

Yes! Because saas•hapily syncs Stripe transactions and subscriptions to HubSpot as custom object records, you can add as many custom properties as you want.

Want to learn more about saas•hapily's features? Check out our knowledge base and blog.


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