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View, report, and manage everything revenue. 

We know you're are already juggling enough without the added hassle of constantly monitoring customer payments, tweaking billing options, and managing subscription spreadsheets.

Enter saas•hapily: your gateway to effortlessly integrating revenue data from Stripe into HubSpot, paving the way for insightful reporting and simplified payment collection processes.

Use Your Subscription Data to Drive Growth

Your sales and marketing teams no longer have to have Stripe open in a new tab to research the payment history of a customer (if they even get access to Stripe). Instead, every subscription and transaction is tucked nicely into the sidebar of every Contact and Company record revealing current products, price paid, and everything else related to their account — including historical transaction and subscription data.

The Ease of Complete Account Management Inside HubSpot

Create Stripe Transactions/Subscriptions Directly in HubSpot

When a sales conversation is on the right track, streamline the process without involving additional team members. Initiate subscriptions or process payments right from the CRM to seamlessly onboard new customers. 

Membership Management Made Simple

Anyone on your team can effortlessly handle payments and subscriptions. Refunding payments, canceling subscriptions, or even adding upgrades is a breeze, no need for Stripe credentials. Account managers can take charge of the account's full scope with saas•hapily and HubSpot.

Automate your most critical tasks

Create payment links instantly

Hosting a webinar with attendees ready to spend? Now, with just a few clicks, anyone in your HubSpot CRM can easily create a payment link for any Stripe product instantly. This streamlined process can be completed right from the Contact record.



Manage course access

Managing access has never been simpler, thanks to the integration of Subscription statuses from Stripe. Now, when a Subscription faces cancellation or payment issues, you can activate a Workflow to revoke access or kickstart a membership process.


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Let clients pay how they want

Offer your clients the flexibility to pay their way for content subscriptions. With our custom quote template, you can easily accept multiple payment options including credit cards, ACH transfers, Google and Apple Pay. 


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Trigger touch points from Stripe

Keeping the relationship strong is crucial for retaining coaching clients. Stripe actions such as new subscriptions, transactions, and failed payments can be used to trigger HubSpot Workflows that send emails, alert reps, or even create new deals.




Generate the subscription reporting your accounting team has been begging for.

How many new clients paid full price for our latest offering? Did you hit your upgrade targets for the month? How does churn rate compare to the same period last year? All of your transaction and revenue data fuel powerful dashboards within HubSpot, empowering your team to make decisions based on solid data.


Learn how to streamline your business with the ultimate HubSpot + Stripe Integration: