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Revenue data to power every marketer’s dream.

Expand your campaigns’ audience and dive deeper into targeted messaging with hyper-focused, product-led growth via Stripe subscription data. You’ll have more reasons to connect with customers than ever.

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More customer data means more conversions.


Customize every interaction and point of contact using detailed revenue and product insights. With Stripe Subscriptions and Transactions neatly organized into their own custom objects, you can segment customers based on their purchase history, payment frequency, or their subscription changes, whether they're upgrades or downgrades — unlocking more ways for you to impact your bottom line.

End-to-End Attribution

Track effectiveness of your marketing strategies and their direct impact to your revenue. By harnessing the power of HubSpot's built-in attribution features, you're empowered to trace the entire customer journey, right through to the Stripe transaction.



End to end Attribution


Advanced Segmentation

You can now effortlessly segment HubSpot lists to categorize customers based on their buying habits. With just a quick look, a dashboard presents a clear picture of how offerings stack up alongside other significant customer activities.





Product-Led Growth

The simplest sales target is a repeat customer. Upselling and cross-selling become effortless when you can directly link this information to the Contact. Launch relevant product promotions or extend an invitation to a VIP program upon a  purchase.



Product Led Growth


Automate Everything

Leverage Stripe's webhooks as the trigger for powerful automations. Develop an e-commerce post-purchase journey or enroll customers into personalized nurture campaigns depending on the products your customers buy.



Automate everything



Learn how to streamline your business with the ultimate HubSpot + Stripe Integration: