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Boost customer retention, expansion, and support by utilizing key data within HubSpot.

Whenever a customer gets in touch, immediately see their transaction history and account details, eliminating the need for a barrage of questions. Quickly access information on purchased items, their costs, any applied discounts, as well as recent account changes or upgrades. Moreover, you can create automated workflows for timely customer engagement.

Enhance your customer service effortlessly with Stripe revenue insights directly into your HubSpot CRM.

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Crystal ball visibility to transform every touchpoint.


When requests for accounts pour in, it's not practical to distract the Finance team with inquiries about payments or account statuses. All the details you need about an account are immediately accessible from the sidebar.

saas•hapily seamlessly integrates with Stripe to bring you real-time updates on subscription statuses, transactions, product purchases, and much more. But it doesn’t stop at just viewing; you have the power to perform transactions right at your fingertips.

  • Adjust subscriptions, process cancellations, or issue refunds of any amount
  • Embrace your inner salesperson and handle payments for upsells or cross-sells
  • Resend the latest invoices or payment links with ease
  • Communicate all essential billing information, from future billing dates to previous charges

Automation galore to scale your service bandwidth

saas•hapily reveals huge opportunities to expand your client touch points via Stripe data. Use any property to trigger workflows, or even actions taken in Stripe such as subscription creation or new transactions can power emails, alerts, or whatever else your business needs to delight.

Proactive outreach based on subscription status

Say goodbye to the manual grind of monitoring account health and uncovering lost revenue. With saas•hapily, a smart workflow activates upon detecting missed or failed payments, streamlining retention effortlessly.


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Trigger product-based onboarding flows to increase adoption

Send the right messages to customers directly from Marketing Hub by leveraging the Product fields on Subscriptions. Segment your users by what products they have and add to lists to enhance your initial interactions.




Celebrate New Relationships and Milestones

With every transaction tracked in HubSpot, you're poised to deliver personalized appreciation emails, from marking a subscription milestone to when a company hits a specific user count. It's happiness, automated and delivered on cue.


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Discover Support Ticket Patterns

Combining revenue and product data with support tickets reveals valuable insights. Identify which products generate the most tickets and ensure top customers get premium support. HubSpot and Stripe data integration boosts your client experience across the board.





Learn how to streamline your business with the ultimate HubSpot + Stripe Integration: