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Unlock Smarter Revenue Growth by Unifying Stripe + HubSpot.

Streamline RevOps and boost growth with the most robust Stripe integration available in the HubSpot marketplace, enabling you to manage payments & subscriptions, automate event-based workflows, and get deep data insights — all directly inside HubSpot.

Trusted by companies of all sizes, from startup to global enterprise:

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Do It All With the Power of saas•hapily.

If you use Stripe, you need this HubSpot app.

Manage subscriptions, payment links, product mapping, workflows, data integrity, reporting, and more directly in HubSpot.



Sync standard objects like Contacts, Companies, and Products bi-directionally.

Sync Subscriptions seamlessly as custom objects or deals, and even transfer your transactions as custom objects to HubSpot.



Up/Downgrade, Pause, Cancel, and Refund Subscriptions in HubSpot.


Generate payment links, collect credit cards over the phone, or send branded quotes that automatically create subscriptions in Stripe.



Harness the power of HubSpot automation triggered by Stripe events to create tasks, send emails, update records and more directly inside HubSpot.




Combine your HubSpot and Stripe data to easily track important metrics like LTV, MRR, CAC, and more using HubSpot reporting and dashboards.



The Ultimate All-in-One HubSpot + Stripe App to Benefit Your Entire Business

From in-depth reporting and 360° customer views to seamless subscription management and automated workflows, saas•hapily provides the most comprehensive Stripe connector to HubSpot that everyone in your organization can benefit from.

Flexibility for Your Future

Maintain control over your subscription data through our comprehensive integration with Stripe, offering advanced billing features and complete data portability, ensuring a scalable billing system without platform constraints.


Empower Your Pricing Strategy

Don't let subscription billing constraints hinder your growth. With saas•hapily, embrace complex pricing models utilizing Stripe's full potential for utmost flexibility, innovation, and market alignment.

Learn more about dynamic pricing →

Keep Your Options Open

Choosing the right billing system is crucial for your business. saas•hapily stands out by providing control with seamless Stripe integration, ensuring full Stripe Billing access and a smooth transition if you ever need to move on, without losing any data.


Features You'll Love:

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Sync Subscriptions

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Send Branded Quotes


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Create Payment Links

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Automate with Stripe Events
Data Icon

Unify Stripe & HubSpot Data

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View Stripe Customer Data

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Dynamic Pricing Options
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Connect Multiple Stripe Accounts

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About saas•hapily:



“saas•hapily is the critical link in your HubSpot subscription universe”

saas•hapily has been an extremely positive addition to our HubSpot stack and provides truly native capabilities to manage, market, sell and automate subscriptions inside HubSpot. It leverages the strengths of Stripe to bring and utilize powerful subscription data inside HubSpot ... right where it should be.




The saas•hapily app and team have been highly beneficial to our SaaS business. After years of disappointing integrations and flimsy workarounds, we're excited to have a consistent, long-term solution for up-to-date customer subscription data in HubSpot.



“saas•hapily supercharges HubSpot and Stripe!”

saas•hapily makes the billing process much easier by bringing Stripe actions directly into HubSpot. It unleashes so many more reporting capabilities in HubSpot that wouldn't be possible through HubSpot or Stripe on their own.


“HUGE proponent of saas•hapily.”

saas•hapily is a great solution to easily integrate quotes from HubSpot with the payment services offered by Stripe. We needed a way to seamlessly connect the two systems — Stripe pointed us in the direction of the saas•hapily team and we were able to deploy their solution ASAP.



Plans & Pricing

For Startups
$299 / month


What’s included:
Data Sync
2 Seats
PCI-Compliant Hubspot Quote Template
PCI-Compliant Checkout Page
$1M Stripe Transaction ARR
Billed Monthly
For Enterprises
$699 / month


What’s included:
Data Sync
10 Seats
PCI Compliant Hubspot Quote Template
PCI-Compliant Checkout Page
Multiple Stripe Account Support
$10M Stripe Transaction ARR
Billed Annually

à la carte
pricing extras

All Tiers
  • $29/month for each additional seat
  • $100/month for each additional $5M in Stripe Transaction ARR
Pro + Enterprise ONLY
  • One-time $1,500 fee for advanced onboarding

Grow Your Business Better with saas•hapily

Unleash the full potential of HubSpot by harnessing the power of Stripe to manage your subscriptions with  the most powerful all-in-one integration app in the marketplace.


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