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Zaybra on HubSpot Pro VS. HubSpot Enterprise

Zaybra syncs your Stripe with your HubSpot differently depending on if you're using HubSpot Pro or Enterprise. Let's see how!

So you want to integrate your Stripe with your HubSpot and are looking at Zaybra to get the job done? You’re looking in the right place! But the app works differently depending on whether you're using HubSpot Pro or Enterprise.

You want to get the functions from Zaybra that will best suit you, but you're stuck with a question:

What’s the difference between Zaybra on pro and Zaybra on enterprise?

That’s what I’m here for! I’ll walk you through how the app handles those different HubSpot tiers. Told you that you were looking in the right place!

What can Zaybra do on HubSpot Pro?

Zaybra’s main claim to fame is that it carries over Stripe information to your HubSpot account. But what information might that be?

On HubSpot Pro, Zaybra takes your Stripe customers (old and newly created) and creates contact records for them in your HubSpot.

If your customers have any existing subscriptions or have new subscriptions created in Stripe, Zaybra will create deal records for them in HubSpot and associate them to their respective contacts.

How to sync Stripe data over to HubSpot

You can also use Stripe transactions to trigger workflows in HubSpot if the need ever arises! In other words, transactions are not synced over BUT you are still able to trigger workflows when transactions occur.

What can Zaybra do on HubSpot Enterprise?

Zaybra’s HubSpot Pro features may be all you need! But on Enterprise, the app can be so much more. It still creates a HubSpot contact record for all of your Stripe customers. And you better believe it’s going to sync over your Stripe subscriptions! But it delivers a smorgasbord of additional information and customization options!

Zaybra will bring over subscriptions as custom objects instead of deals. These custom objects are referred to as Zaybra Subscriptions.

Sync Stripe on HubSpot Pro VS. HubSpot Enterprise

They come with a handful of custom properties for your reports and give you the freedom to create your own! They’ll also update automatically if a change is made to the subscription record in Stripe. Nifty huh?

Transactions are handled differently as well! You’ll still be able to use transactions as a workflow trigger. But with HubSpot Pro, Zaybra will bring them in as custom objects!

Introducing the amazing Zaybra Transaction! Like Zaybra Subscriptions, it will associate to the respective customer in HubSpot. Now if you ever have a one time payment or charge for a customer, it will be logged on his/her HubSpot record.

How Zaybra Syncs stripe data to HubSpot Enterprise

This is just a taste of what Zaybra can do! Want to create invoices? Absolutely! Need to map over Stripe products to HubSpot? Sure thing! Check out the wide range of different use cases and features on our Zaybra blog.

If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your friends? And if you want to see what else the app can do, check out this blog post on How to Cancel A Stripe Subscription Automatically Using Zaybra!

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David Staat

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