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4 Essential HubSpot User Flows for a Seamless Dynamic Pricing Journey

The Dynamic Pricing evolution prioritizes user-friendly workflows, emphasizing seamless processes aligned with market demands.

Staying ahead of the curve requires agility, precision, and understanding customer needs. Dynamic Pricing is replacing traditional models, demanding user-friendly workflows. 

Here are four crucial customer user flows for a seamless journey through the dynamic pricing landscape:

1. Creating a Quote

The journey begins with the creation of a quote, a fundamental step in any sales process. Here's how our user-friendly workflow simplifies the process:

  • Add line items to the Deal
    Begin by populating the Deal with the necessary line items, ensuring that at least one item carries tiered pricing in Stripe.
  • Trigger "Calculate Dynamic Pricing"
    Optionally, the user can activate the "Calculate Dynamic Pricing" workflow action by a property on the Deal, instantly updating line item totals for tiered-priced lines.
  • Render Quote
    As the quote is rendered or its URL generated, the line item prices are dynamically updated based on the tiered pricing in Stripe. The quote itself accurately displays the tiered price total, complete with any applicable discounts.

    HubSpot Dynamic price quote

  • User Celebration
    Revel in the accuracy and efficiency of this process, as your pricing strategy seamlessly translates into a tangible quote.

2. Using the Create Stripe Invoice Workflow Action

Moving beyond quotes, invoicing is a critical aspect of any transaction. Our workflow ensures a hassle-free invoicing experience:

  • Add Line Items
    Similar to the quote process, the user adds line items to the Deal, with at least one featuring tiered pricing in Stripe.
  • Trigger "Create Stripe Invoice Workflow"
    Activate this workflow action, which identifies line items with tiered pricing and updates them with the correct tiered price total.
  • Invoice Creation
    A Stripe Invoice link, reflecting accurate tiered pricing, is created and stored on the Deal based on the workflow action configuration.

    HubSpot create invoice workflow

  • User Satisfaction
    Bask in the efficiency and precision of the invoicing process, where accuracy is not compromised for speed.


3. Creating a Transaction, Invoice, or Link via CRM Card:

Incorporating dynamic pricing into your CRM processes enhances transparency and user experience:

  • Open Contact Record
    Navigate to the Contact record and, on the sass•hapily CRM card, select the desired action.
  • Modal Window Display
    The modal window consistently displays the correct tiered price once the link is created. If displaying the price in the modal isn't feasible, an alert communicates that the invoice will reflect the accurate amount.

    HubSpot dynamic pricing

  • Seamless Transaction
    Experience a seamless and transparent transaction creation process, where clarity is paramount.

4. Updating a Tiered Product Subscription via CRM Card:

  • Select Subscription
    On the Contact record, the user selects the Subscription and chooses the upgrade action, adjusting the quantity as needed.

    HubSpot dynamic pricing in Stripe

  • Accurate Total
    The new total accurately reflects the tiered price, ensuring transparency and precision in subscription management.
  • Effortless Navigation
    Navigate subscription updates effortlessly, turning what could be a complex task into a straightforward process.

▶️ WATCH: hapily's Max Cohen Dives into sass•hapily's Latest Dynamic Pricing Update


Your Business, Your Pricing, Your Way

Embrace the power of Dynamic Pricing and propel your business into a new era of flexibility and efficiency. If dynamic pricing is the spark your business needs, don't just take our word for it – experience it!

Book a demo with us today and let us help you shape the future of your pricing strategy with HubSpot’s most comprehensive Stripe integration app.


Nikki Zangardi

Nikki Zangardi

living life hapily // marketing director

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