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saas•hapily for ACH Direct Debit

ACH Direct Debit is a type of electronic payment system in the United States that allows businesses and individuals to withdraw funds directly from a bank account. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a network used by financial institutions to transfer funds electronically between bank accounts.

ACH Direct Debit is commonly used for recurring payments, such as monthly bills for utilities or mortgage payments.


With ACH Direct Debit, the person or business that is authorized to withdraw funds (known as the "originator") sends a request to the recipient's bank through the ACH network to initiate a transfer of funds from the recipient's bank account to the originator's account. The recipient must provide their bank account information to the originator to set up the direct debit.

ACH can also be used for one-time payments, such as for online purchases or to pay taxes. ACH Direct Debit is a secure and convenient way to make payments, and it can help reduce the risk of late payments or overdraft fees.
With saas•hapily, you can use ACH Direct Debit inside HubSpot as one of the accepted payment methods for your customers to choose from. You only need to activate it in your Stripe portal, and saas•hapily will support it.


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