How To Update A Subscription

saas·hapily allows you to update Stripe Subscriptions directly on a contact's profile within HubSpot!

Updating a subscription adds the product/s to the customer's subscription or changes the quantity of a product on the subscription. Currently, you cannot completely remove products from a subscription via saas·hapily. 

When applying updates you have three options for charging the customer:

  • None: This will automatically add the changes to the next scheduled invoice.
  • Always Invoice: This will create a new invoice immediately with updates and calculated prorations. 
  • Create Prorations: This will add the product immediately and add the prorated price to the next invoice.
    • For example, if a customer upgrades from a 10 USD per month subscription to a 20 USD option, they’re charged prorated amounts for the time spent on each option. Assuming the change occurred halfway through the billing period, the customer is billed an additional 5 USD: -5 USD for unused time on the initial price, and 10 USD for the remaining time on the new price

Edit a subscription:

  1. In HubSpot, navigate to the Contacts Profile you wish to edit the subscription for.
  2. In the hapily Subscriptions card select Actions on the subscription you would like to edit.
    How to update a stripe subscription in HubSpot
  3. This will bring up a window that allows you to add products and increase/decrease the quantity of products. You can also choose to prorate or invoice the changes.
    Updating stripe subscription from within HubSpot
  4. Once you have verified all the product information is correct, click Update and you will see a message either confirming the transaction was successful or if there is an error. 

Once a subscription has been upgraded or downgraded, saas·hapily creates a subsequent subscription object with the same Subscription ID to represent the upgrade or downgrade. This subsequent object will display the following information:

  • Type: this will tell you if the subscription object was an Upgrade or Downgrade. If this field is empty that means this object is not a upgrade or downgrade.
  • Amount: This field will show the delta amount of the upgrade/downgrade. For example, if you downgrade a $150 subscription to $100, the subsequent object will show -$50 in the amount field. 
  • Removed Products: Any products that were removed from the subscription. 

Because saas·hapily uses Stripes payment guidelines, we recommend referring to the Stripe Knowledge base for questions about how Stripe payments, prorations, and invoicing work.


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