How to Uninstall saas·hapily

If you decide saas·hapily is not the fit for you or are no longer using it, we recommend uninstalling saas·hapily from your HubSpot Instance.

  1. In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace Icon on the top right then click Connected Apps.
  2. Find the saas·hapily Subscription card and hit Actions > Uninstall and follow the instructions and there you have it!
    How to uninstall saas·hapily
  3. Please send an email to and we'll make sure your subscription is canceled. 
After uninstalling saas·hapily, you will still have historical data on your current objects. If you wish to delete all of the Objects created by saas·hapily (Subscriptions, Transactions, Deals) this can be easily done by utilizing the property “Created by saas·hapily”.” which appears at the end of this article.