How The saas·hapily Contact Sync Works

saas·hapily automatically syncs your Stripe Customers with your HubSpot Contacts, let's go over the specifics.

During the initial HubSpot and Stripe sync, saas·hapily automatically syncs all of your Stripe Customers with HubSpot. saas·hapily also performs an update anytime an action is taken on that contact/customer.

saas·hapily relies on the Stripe Customers' email addresses to find a matching contact within HubSpot. If no matching contact is found in HubSpot then saas·hapily will create that contact.

If the email address in HubSpot is not found in Stripe, then saas·hapily will display a card in the ride sidebar with only a created date and name. There will also be an Action button with the option to create either a Stripe Transaction or Stripe Payment Link. By using either of these actions, saas·hapily will automatically create a Stripe Customer

Stripe to HubSpot sync


saas·hapily also creates the following contact properties:

  1. Created By saas·hapily: This property serves as an easy way to identify all saas·hapily created objects for easy reporting, list creation, deleting, etc.
  2. Created Payment Link: This stores the most recently created payment link for the contact.
  3. Field ID: This is the Stripe Customer ID
  4. Our Address: The Customers address found in Stripe.
  5. Stripe Telephone Number: The Customers phone number found in Stripe.

It is important to remember that saas·hapily uses email addresses to make the match! If an email address is changed in Stripe, that Stripe Customer will no longer be synced with the HubSpot contact unless you update the email address in HubSpot as well!


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